“IT’S PARTY TIME!”: A Return Of The Living Dead Q&A

“Do you ever FANTASIZE..about being KILLED?”

MORE OF THIS MONSTER MANIA CRAP?!“.  Yes.  More of this Monster Mania crap.  I wasn’t kidding when I said a ton of stuff happened at this thing, and trying to fill all you maniacs in on it all is a lot of work.  Being sick for an entire week didn’t help matters much, either.  But never the less, let’s get on with it.

Even though my poor excuse for a camera was sucking every last bit of strength from the dying battery it had, I was able to score some awesome video of the Return of the Living Dead reunion/Q&A at Monster Mania 16.  But the story doesn’t quite begin at the Q&A.

Upon our arrival on Friday, I made a B-line to the autograph/celebrity room to get the attending cast members to sign the movie posters I brought.  Things were going smoothly, mostly with the cast of Nightmare on Elm Street 3:  Dream Warriors signing my original print poster ($70 well spent), until I ran into HER.  Jewel “Casey” Shephard was to be the first to sign my ROTLD poster, but an obstacle in the form of a nerdy/creepy super-fan needed to be dealt with first.

The two of them talked for what felt like an eternity about him being a fan of hers, the fact that he’s “friends” with her on Facebook, as well as lengthy discussions concerning the briefcase full of her work as a nude model that he wanted signed.  Thankfully, she noticed that I was waiting and signed my poster, even though she was still talking to that royal boob.  She said that ROTLD was the last zombie film she had done, yet my brain flashed an image of the aerobics instructor on the television in part 2.  I was positive that she was the same girl.  What followed was quite idiotic on my part:

ME: “No it wasn’t, you were in the sequel.”

JEWEL: “Um, no I wasn’t.” she replied (kindly, I must say).

ME: “YES, you were.”

Jewel:NO, I wasn’t!  That wasn’t me!” she surprised me with.

ME: “I’m pretty sure it was.” (driving my foot even deeper into my mouth).

At that point I realized my error and apologized, profusely.  She didn’t seem too happy, and proceeded to bust my balls in well deserved fashion.  Bitch.

Saturday came, I filled up my poster, then used my VIP pass for a little front row action for the ROTLD Q&A.  Luckily, my camera began to shit the bed right before I asked my question.  Foot-in-mouth moment number too:  Brian “Scuz” Peck says “I want someone to ask John Philbin a question, so he will talk”.  Shaking like a chihuahua on cocaine, I asked if there were any deleted scenes of Jewel’s character “Casey” apologizing to John’s character “Chuck” for all the shit she gives him throughout the film.  Watch the Q&A to find out what he said.

(elmstreetgirl22 had a better shot of the stage than I did)

Now that I’ve had time to watch myself ask that stupid-ass question, it seems it didn’t go as bad as I thought.  In my mind Jewel Shephard shot me an “I remember YOU” glare.  I drank a moronic amount of booze that night just so I could forget about it.  But then again, I never did need an excuse to get retarded-drunk before.  Here’s some pics of me with the cast:

John “Chuck” Philbin

Brian “Scuz” Peck

Thom “Freddy” Mathews

Beverly “Tina” Randolph (such a sweetheart)

Don “Ernie” Calfa

Linnea “Trash” Quigley

Miguel “Spider” Nunez Jr.

A month has gone by since Monster Mania 16, yet it feels like it was just yesterday.  I will never forget the great times that were had,  the laughs that were shared, and the cool people I met (not to mention the ones I didn’t even know that I did).

Norman Reedus from The Boondock Saints

Next year is right around the corner, bringing three new Monster Manias with it.  If I can go to just one of them, I’ll be a happy little Viking.

P.S.: Jewel Shephard sucks.


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