Thursday Throwbacks: 9/30/2010

Mother Nature is a harsh mistress.  Her storms can send houses flying through the air, her earthquakes cause the tallest of buildings to crumble into dust, and her bitter cold seasons have a way of sending more than just retired folk racing for the equator.  Even if you’re a scientist trying to figure out a way to grow trees in the desert, like nature enthusiast/scientist Alec Holland was trying to do, that evil tree-bitch will totally ruin your day.  In Holland’s case, she sent her minions to his swamp-lab to destroy stuff (mostly glass beakers with strange science liquids in them).  Some of the liquids splashed onto him turning him into a massive pile of moss and leaves, hell-bent on protecting that which he became…a mighty Swamp Thing.

Best known to the normal people of the world as the plant-creature who had love affairs on the big screen with Adrienne Barbeau and Heather Locklear, Swamp Thing was originally a hero in the DC comics world.  Created by Len Wein and Berni Wrightson, our favorite bayou beau first appeared in a horror story back in 1971.  His comic book popularity went bonkers in the 80’s, so they decided to make a film manned by none other than Wes Craven (yeah, I was just as shocked as you when I found this out).  A second cheesier film was made, as was a dark live-action television program.  But we’re not here to talk about that stuff.  We want some fucking cartoons!!

*due to circumstances beyond our control, you will have to hit the link to watch each episode*

The Un-Men Unleashed:  Part 1

The Un-Men Unleashed:  Part 2

The Un-Men Unleashed:  Part 3

To Live Forever:  Part 1

To Live Forever:  Part 2

Falling Red Star:  Part 1

Falling Red Star:  Part 2

Legend of the Lost Cavern:  Part 1

Legend of the Lost Cavern:  Part 2

Experiment In Terror:  Part 1

Experiment In Terror:  Part 2

Like many other insanely awesome shows from the 80’s and 90’s, Swamp Thing was cut short FAR too early.  But even though we’re only left with 5 amazing episodes, the cartoon gods bestowed upon us some killer toys and even better foot-wear.

Remember kids, be kind to nature.  If you aren’t,  Swamp Thing will sneak into your house via bathtub and lecture you.


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