Product Of The Week: The KFC Double Down

There are some who say that KFC is the McDonalds of chicken.  I disagree.  KFC is more like the Burger King of chicken; not good for you at all, yet still better than McDonalds.  A new product joined the menu at KFC a few months back, hitting me right in the stomach.  It’s called the “Double Down”, a sandwich that has pissed off health nuts across the globe.  Smart people have been giving rave reviews of this wild concoction, but I wasn’t able to acquire one….until recently.

My Double Down experience wasn’t as epic as I would have liked.  For starters, the people working at the KFC in Danvers (one of the few remaining stores in my area) screwed up my order.  That’s right.  I’m complaining about my order at a fast food place, and with good reason.  The coupon (yes, I used a coupon) said that my Double Down should come with a side of “potato wedges” and a beverage.  Being the hungry viking that I am, I also ordered an extra side of mac and cheese (their mac and cheese is heavenly).  Here’s what I received:  two sides of mac and cheese, a drink, and a mystery box.

I wasn’t too upset about the lack of wedges, even though I enjoy dipping them in the mac and cheese.  My problem lied with the mystery box.  What in the hell could be in there?  Turns out it was the Double down.  I don’t recall seeing said “sandwich” being served in a box in any of the commercials, do you?

Because my food was given to me in a box, the damn thing went for a contained ride on the way back to my place.  When I sat down to feast, my Double Down was dilapidated.  I don’t enjoy having to reconstruct my sandwich right before I’m about to eat the thing.  But I did, and you know something, for all of the problems that came along with trying to obtain one of these things, I would totally do it again.

That was one of the best things I’ve eaten since the Burger King Enormous Omelet Sandwich.  I don’t know if it was the double amount of chicken, the bacon, the jack cheese, or the sauce.  But I must have eaten that bastard in record time.  Sooo damn good.  Sure, it’s difficult trying to find a point of attack on that thing, but once you get going it’s hard to stop.  I nearly bit my fingers I was eating so fast.

Sweet lord.  All this talking about these things has made me hungrier than Pudgie Pig, so I’m off to snag me another Double Down.  I strongly suggest that you all do the very same.


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