Heavy Metal Monday: Eluveitie

All the way from Switzerland, I bring you the folk metal band Eluveitie! With a totally stacked lineup of everything from your usual instruments to the fucking HURDY-GURDY, this Celtic folk metal band can by turns bring you back to your happiest summer days, and tear your face off with the sound of their shredding.

Most memorable show: Amon Amarth and Eluveitie.  It is like nothing else to see all 8 members of Eluveitie crammed onto the stage at some venue in New York, and proceed to tear the place apart. Because of their almost half-acoustic lineup, the sound is sometimes hard to maneuver. That night it was perfect. Fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, flute, gaita, mandolin, and many more of the instruments they use wouldn’t strike a person as particularly metal. In this case that person would be wrong. Truly they are a band that you would be poorer for if you missed seeing them live. The energy, the headbanging… you can tell that they love this.

I need to take a moment to recognize the women in this band. It can sometimes be difficult to have such a strong relationship with the metal genre, but not see myself represented except for the occasional singer. I feel that these women do so. They bring so much to the table! The band’s Celtic folk influence relies heavily on the Tadic’s fiddle, and the Murpy’s hurdy-gurdy brings a totally new and  unique sound to a genre which has never before heard it. So cheers, you two!

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2 Responses to Heavy Metal Monday: Eluveitie

  1. The other goodwin says:


  2. One of my fave bands. If you dig these guys check out Equilibrium and Finntroll, they’re a bit heavier but just as fun to listen to as these guys and Korpiklaani. Nice blog btw.

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