Hot Heroines And “Gore”geous Girls: The Art Of David M. Bancroft

Gorgeous fantasy women are hard to find.  They need great legs, a killer rack, flat stomach, and hair that lightly tickles their butt-crack.  Capturing such perfection on paper isn’t easy, I know cuz I’ve tried.  But artist/illustrator David M. Bancroft has done just that, I shit you not.

While stumbling around the vendor’s room at Monster Mania Con 16, sketches of famous horror icons and a girl covered in blood immediately snatched my attention.   Lightly colored pencil/ink drawings have always been my preferred medium.  But what my eyes rested upon had me completely mesmerized.  Laid out before me were beautiful pin-up style drawings of Rogue, Mrs. Marvel, Witchblade, and Vamperella, as well as pictures of other smoking hot girls in various gore inspired situations.

Sitting behind the table full of wonderful art, was none other than Dave Bancroft himself.  I was so sure that he was going to lunge at my face, stab me in the eye with his pencil, and crack me over the head with his sketch book for snapping shots of his work.  But thankfully, he was extremely nice and very laid-back.  Everyone should be like that.

We got to talking and Dave told me all about his work (which consisted mostly of me professing my love of the hot girls he had drawn), he was willing to give any tips he had for inspiring artists (mainly me), and he told me of a major project he is working on.

We at RBM would like to thank Dave for giving us the time to sit and chat with us, as well as for being so epically tolerable of my drunk ass during our encounters.  He is an awesome dude who creates even more awesome babes, and we’re all looking forward to the many hours that will be spent flipping through his book.  Worry not Dave, sticky pages ain’t the RBM style.

Be sure to buy Dave’s book, then make sure you check out his work at and


One Response to Hot Heroines And “Gore”geous Girls: The Art Of David M. Bancroft

  1. inked hottie says:

    Nothing beats a beautiful tattooed girl

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