Heavy Metal Monday: Týr

For your viewing pleasure, the Faroese Viking metal band TÝR. With themes ranging from the standard Viking Revival (above video) to Faroese Folklore songs like Tróndur í Gøtu and Turið Torkilsdóttir from their latest album, there’s something here even for the casual Viking metal listener.

You don’t need to know Faroese to be totally and utterly rocked by Heri Joensen‘s masterful songwriting. Joensen’s uniquely rugged-not-rough vocals bring the listener back to a time when singing was a social standard and everyone joined in, whether it was their professional vocation or not. From Heri Joensen’s official Myspace page:

In the Faeroe Islands, uniquely in Europe, a tradition of ballad-singing and dancing dating back to medieval times is still very much alive. Ballads containing up to 200 stanzas are sung while dancing in a ring, winding in and out like a musical snake if the dancers are many. In the ballads the stories from the past are preserved, as well as melodies that may be centuries old.” Read more: http://www.myspace.com/herijoensen#ixzz0zRCZMf98

Guitarist Terji Skibenæs brings not only his obvious technical ability but also his rock-star character and charisma on stage (and off). Gunnar Thomsen on bass provides his very metal attitude, and together with Kári Streymoy on drums the two gives TÝR a solid base with which to tell the stories of their Faroe Islands, and of Vikings.
Extra credit:

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