ManOwaR’s Drummer Bangs Alone Now

Mano-mEmberS From Left to Right: Scott Columbus, Eric Adams, Joey DeMaio, and Karl Logan

Will Joey DeMaio’s bullshit ever end?  First there’s the whole years upon years between albums thing; then there’s the fairly recent lawsuits involving photographers (music festivals as well).  Now I find out that drummer Scott Columbus is out of the band?!  Not only has he left the band that got me wrecking my neck to please the metal gods time and time again, but he did so over 2 years ago and DeMaio still has him listed as a band member!  WHAT THE HELL?!!! 

Worry not headbangers, thrashers, and maniacal corpse-painted pulverisers of the world.  The handlebar-stashed Hercules has come forth with his side of the story (a.k.a. the truth).  Classic Rock Magazine was able to interview the man:

Even though his face is still on Manowar’s website as an official member, drummer Scott Columbus is no longer in the band. Indeed, as Classic Rock discovers, he hasn’t been part of the battle-metal veterans’ roster for more than two years! In a revealing interview, drummer Columbus talks about his strained relations with Manowar, and how he’s hooked up with another ex-Manowar member, guitarist Ross The Boss, for some live shows. “I had a long and wonderful career with Manowar; I have no regrets, it’s just life moves on,” reflects Columbus. Hail to a new beginning…

After reading the entire interview, I must say I’m quite elated.  Knowing that it actually is DeMaio’s dickheadedness that’s causing all of these problems with ManOwaR, and not the entire band, confirms a few things that I’ve been pondering over.  I clearly remember Scott’s “medical hiatus” a few years ago, but never expected it to be more lies spun from the mouth of that silver-tongued twit.

What does upset me is this new, “edgier”, look that Columbus seems to be sporting.  The leather, chains, and loin-cloths have been replaced with ski-caps, hipster necklaces, and a flavor saver.  He looks like he should be drumming for GODSMACK or Limp Bizkit.

Should Columbus venture near New England while touring with fellow ManOwaR exile Ross “The Boss”, I would do what ever it takes to attend that show.  Think about it for a second.  The best musicians to ever be in that band, have now joined forces to melt faces.  It’s almost like falling in love with an abusive ex-girlfriend all over again.  I guess the only question that remains to be answered is this:  What crazy fucking nonsense will DeMaio do next?


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  1. […] jacket during a show at the Palladium only to have him show the entire crowd, as well as the more recent bullshit that’s happened has been one wild fucking ride.  But getting out of work to find out Scott […]

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