Let’s Get LOST: “The End”


That’s it, that’s it, it’s all over.  Pack it up boys.  That’s the end of The Shredder.  After 6 long years of brain-aches, arguments with friends over theories, countless amounts of unanswered questions and leaked facial water, the television phenom LOST has moved on to join other amazing shows in the realm of final episodes. 

As sad as it is knowing that I no longer have anything to watch on Tuesday nights besides Deadliest Catch and Deadliest Warrior, I am also upset with the way writers/executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse decided to tie things up.  I don’t like spending years devoted to a show only to be left thinking “what in the hell just happened?”.

I knew damn full well that we weren’t going to get answers to about 3/4 of the questions that still remained.  But I certainly wasn’t ready for the show ending with about another fraking dozen more of them.  Yes, the show was based around mystery.  I’m aware of that.  It just seems prudent to me that if you’re making a show so wrapped around keeping the audience guessing, you should at least end the thing with closure.

Let’s start by breaking down what happened.  When last we left our intrepid adventurers, Jack had become the new Jacob, MIB-Locke went hunting for Desmond with Ben, all while Desmond was getting the castaways to remember the Island in the Sideways world.

Jack (the newly appointed HDIC) brought everyone left to meet up with MIB-Locke and Ben so they could finish what needed to be done at “The Heart of The Island”.  Desmond, having been saved by Rose and Bernard, was about to sit down to a nice breakfast when MIB-Locke and Ben showed up.  To avoid two awesome people being killed in a most horrible way, Desmond went with the bad dudes.  He might have been able to fend them off if he was still a drunk, but I guess change is inevitable.

Everyone (Jack’s tribe and MIB-Locke’s crew) gathered on a hill, talked about what needs to be done, then marched towards The Heart.  Now this was one thing that kind of got me mad.  Lindelof and Cuse introduced this Heart of the Island just a few episodes before the show’s end, making it out to be a big f’n deal.  We were told that if this “light” goes out that nothing but bad stuff will go down.  Here’s what we got.  Jack and MIB-Locke lowered Desmond down this waterfall (the same waterfall that Jacob’s brother went into and became the smoke monster, mind you) where he proceeded to remove an ancient stone bathtub-plug from a pool of glowing light/energy.  Darkness filled the Heart Chamber, the Island began to shake apart, Des got knocked the frak out, MIB-Locke became human (I could tell after Jack’s mighty punch), and everyone took off to Hydra Island where Miles, Lapidus, and Richard Alpert were repairing the plane.

Jack went after MIB-Locke for the final showdown, and to stop him from reaching his boat by the Name Cave.  The incessant amount of commercials added to the epic dual.  I loved Jack’s mighty leap-punch off a rock.   But no matter how many fists he landed on MIB-Locke, Jack wasn’t able to get away unscathed.  MIB-Locke slid his knife right into Jack’s meaty side when the opening presented itself, then came very close to driving said blade into Jack’s throat.  Kate saved the day, landing a gun-shot to MIB-Locke’s back, giving Jack the time to boot him off the cliff.

All was not over, however.  Jack figured out that he had to re-plug the island toilet to stop it from sinking.  They all trekked back to the Heart Hole, Jack passed the protector-torch over to Hurley (sans mystical incantation no less), woke up the sleepy Desmond, then stuffed the rock back in the hole.  That was it.  That’s what we waited 6 years to see.

Once the island’s manna began to flow again, Hurley and Ben (Hurley’s newly appointed #2) helped Jack back up the waterfall, then Jack stumbled to the bamboo field where we first met him.  There he died with a last look at his friends flying away on the plane, and a fresh kiss from Vincent on his lips.

While all this madness was going on, Sideways Desmond and Hurley were getting the remaining 815 survivors.  Everything was worth shedding a few tears over.  Said and Shannon rekindled their lost love affair:

Juliette and Sawyer made a date to get that cup of coffee:

Drive Shaft and Daniel Widmore rocked the house at Mile’s Dad’s benefit thingie, even though they didn’t play “You All, Everybody”.

Kate helped Claire deliver Aaron again:

Plus Charlie, Claire, and Aaron became a family again:

Everyone gathered together at church so Jack could finally have his dad’s funeral, and remember the Island.  Here is where I got my let down.  Christian Shephard wasn’t in his coffin.  He appeared behind Jack in the room where the coffin was, got Jack to admit that they were both dead, then started explaining the sideways thing.

I will probably get this wrong, mostly because I don’t have the same religious beliefs as most normal people, but I’m gonna give it a shot anyways.  The whole sideways world was a sort of limbo.  Christian explained that everyone who was at the church was dead.  Time had no meaning where they were so they could have died on the island, or naturally at some point in their lives.  This sideways world was a creation of them all as a way to remember one another.  It was also the one way for them to find each other so they could “move on” to the next world.

I didn’t like this.  I was expecting the Island to sink once Jack “pulled the plug”; killing all on the island.  This would have given everyone a happy ending in that pseudo time-line tangent.  Remember what Miles said while trying to explain the time travel stuff to Hurley?  He said that those on the island were in their present, and that they haven’t lived anything else but what they’ve done in their own time-line.  By that logic, they should all die while their Back To The Future-style counterparts lived on.  Either that, or Jack should have turned into that huge Croco-Pharaoh when he stepped into the light, then had a Godzilla fight with the Smoke Monster sending the island crashing into the ocean.  But that may have been asking for too much.

Despite this frustrating finale, I will always love LOST.  It was a show that brought friends out of the wood-work so they could toss story possibilities at one another, gave the world amazing characters, as well as proved that evil dudes can take a beating episode after episode.  Many a great “son of a bitch” have been shared, as well as countless cleaver nick-names, and a rockin’ theme song.

But other great shows are calling to me.  Twin Peaks should end on a satisfying note, right?


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