Pour One Out For: Frank Frazetta 2/9/1928 – 5/10/2010

Yesterday the world lost an artistic deity.  His name was Frank Frazetta (godfather to fantasy adventure art) and if you don’t know who this man was you should leave the hall. 

His work has been featured in comic strips, paper-back books, album covers, posters, inspired a few movies, as well as defined the genre.  Some of Frank’s more recognizable pieces depicted the muscle-bound Cimmerian of story and screen, Conan “The Barbarian”, while celebrating the beauty of women simultaneously.


Battlestar Galactica



Death Dealer

Death Dealer III

Fire And Ice

Kane on the Golden Sea


The Destroyer

The Disagreement

Snow Giants

Swamp Ogre

Tales From The Crypt

Vampirella 2

Back in 2003, a documentary was made about the life of Frank Frazetta.  Throughout the film Frank talks about his early years as an artist, his rise to godhood, and everything in between.

Sadly, Frank died of a stroke in a hospital by his home in Florida yesterday.  He will live on forever in the countless works he has given us, and will continue to inspire artists to strive for epicness.   All hail Frank Frazetta!


One Response to Pour One Out For: Frank Frazetta 2/9/1928 – 5/10/2010

  1. sean says:

    he looks like randy spears

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