Crazy Crap: The LOSTIES

Well it looks like we don’t need to wait for the series finale of LOST to find out what happens to the 815ers.  The Island gets moved again and ends up in Springfield.  Think of the wacky adventures that are sure to take place! Sawyer could con Mr. Burns out of his fortune, only to have it stolen from him by Kate.  Jack would replace Dr. Hibbert as the doctor with terrible bedside manner.  Desmond would get a job working for the neurotic scientist, trying to figure out what’s making him travel through time.  Hurley and Homer would tour the country competing in eating contests, while in a side story Hurley would argue the finer points of the MARVEL universe with the comic book guy.  Plus, Bart might just take lessons from Ben on how to cause chaos amongst his peers, while the whole time it has been Lisa pulling the strings.

But while everyone else is busy finding their place in this strange animated world, Lock would still be miserable.  His luck will change as soon as he becomes the regional manager of a cracker factory, sacking Kirk Van Houten in the process.


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