Heavy Metal Curling?

While the wrath of all mighty Thor was pounding unholy devastation upon the walls of my work last night, I was watching the Swedish Olympic women’s curling team lay some hell of their own upon the Chinese.  As oddly hypnotic as this “sport” is, I was sharply broken from my trance by one of the announcers.

During one of the mid-point “ends”, one of the announcers said this:  “speaking of hearts on fire, there’s a song by that title from a Swedish rock group.”.  Anyone who has an interest in metal music (and happens to love Swedish bands) will tell you that this dude was speaking of Hammerfall.  Here is the very song that was being referred to at 3:15 a.m.

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any goofier, they do something like this.  Wow.

On a side note, doesn’t Anna Le Moine look an awful lot like Doro Pesch?  She’s fucking smoking hot, but even more so in that metal garb. \m/


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