Heavy Metal Monday: 2/8/2010

After a few weeks of expelling horrible gelatinous blobs from my skull, plus a sweet re-charge thanks to new killer days off, Heavy Metal Monday has returned!  I’ve spent two beer and whiskey soaked nights rocking my brains out, yet my body still begs for more.  To keep the good times a rollin’, I decided to call upon the foppish fucks from HELIX to help us out.

HELIX: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’

Here are a few interesting facts about these Canadian clowns:

1.  At one point Michael J. Fox tried out to be the bass player in HELIX

2.  A lot of controversy arose when this video was released.  It seems ’80s sex pot Traci Lords was only 16 when the vid was shot.  Doesn’t sound all that terrible.  But when you watch the uncensored version where the ladies show their boobies, it becomes an entirely different story.

3.  Singer Brian Vollmer appears to loose a tooth or 3 during the course of his career.

4.  All or most of the girls shown in this video were porn stars (awesome).

These guys have proven once again that super hideous dudes need only start a band to get girls.  Did you look at them?  Vollmer looks like he was born a 40 year old!

If you think HELIX still rocks, or are simply looking for something funny to show your friends, zip on over to the HELIX websiteYOU CAN WATCH ALL OF THEIR VIDEOS AND LISTEN TO EVERY ALBUM FOR FREE!!!


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