Heavy Metal Monday: 1/18/10

Yes.  I have already used Judas Priest on a previous Heavy Metal Monday.  But due to certain circumstances on the outer side of my windows, I have decided that today is perfect for some Priest.  Besides, as the great Dan Goldberg once said:  “Judas Fucking Priest rules, dude!!!“.  Now how can ANYONE argue with that?

Judas Priest: Out in the Cold

When I left work this morning, I had to spend an extra half an hour cleaning densely packed white hell off every inch of my chariot.  Even though I’ve lived the entirety of my rather short life in the frozen tundra that is New England, I can safely say that I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  The south has hurricanes and tornadoes; Earthquakes, flash fires, and floods are rampant in the west; while ball sacks and boobies freeze completely off further north.  Escape is nigh impossible!  Maybe I should try my luck in Europe.  It would be almost like New England, only with more rain, douchier people, and sillier languages.


One Response to Heavy Metal Monday: 1/18/10

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t remember saying that, but I’m not gonna dispute it!

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