CoCo Says “No No!”

After only seven short months as host of The Tonight Show, late night comedic god Conan O’Brien has been asked that his show be moved to a different time because Jay Leno needs more room for his chin.  Yahoo has all the details:

“Conan O’Brien has refused to play along with NBC’s plan to move “The Tonight Show” and return Jay Leno to late-night, abruptly derailing the network’s effort to resolve its scheduling mess.

“In his statement, wryly addressed to “People of Earth,” the comic knocked his network’s prime-time ratings woes, which stem in part from the poor performance of Leno’s new prime-time show. “The Jay Leno Show” debuted in the fall after Leno surrendered his 17-year stake in the “Tonight” last spring to O’Brien.”

I don’t blame Conan in the slightest.  If I had a kick ass late night talk show, and the dude who hosted the show I followed wanted me to take over so he could “pass the torch”, then that dude started another show that was exactly like the one he gave me, only to realize that he made a huge fuck mistake thanks to bad ratings, and wanted his old time slot back, I’d be rather pissed off too.

When are tv execs going to understand that they know dick about what they do?  It is we, the fans, who they should be listening to.  Not a walking jaw with a passion for antique cars.


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