Heavy Meal Monday: New Year Edish

They’re balls to the wall, a guardian of the night, and the original London leather boys.  With a small but fierce front man aptly named Udo Dirkschneider, the German heavy metal band Accept is one of the goofiest bands ever to be put together.  Watch these videos, then you’ll understand.

Accept: I’m A Rebel

Balls To The Wall

On top of their unbelievable silliness, Accept has some of the most overtly sexual themes I’ve ever stumbled across in my metal lifetime.  Just take a quick peek at the cover art for their album Balls To The Wall:

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I don’t need to see a hairy thigh and near ball-sack on my albums.  It just ain’t my bag.

Now don’t get me wrong.  These guys kick more ass than an ostrich in a donkey fight; I just find them to be stuck in the closet with Vanna White.  At least Rob Halford was man enough to come clean about his passion for dudes.  Even though it shocked the ever loving shit out of the entire metal community, we’re fine with it, so why can’t Master Dirkschneider?  The guy rocks the metalest name of all time, he writes songs about jerking off to people having sex in public, and pulls many Paul Stanleys from KISS‘s Heaven’s on Fire video.  Face it dude.  You dig dudes.  We won’t hate you if you admit it.  Things aren’t like how they use to be in ’81, so take a page from the book of Popeye the Sailor, Udo Dirkschneider.  Just say to yourself “I am what I am” then all will be well.  \m/


One Response to Heavy Meal Monday: New Year Edish

  1. Unholy Moly says:

    untilll recently i thought this band and ac/dc were the same band the truth is all the songs i liked were not ac/dc songs …. BALLS TO THE WALL!!!!

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