Born In Blood: Season 4 DEXTER Sum-Up

2009 has been a roller-coaster ride, at least for me.  The Gods threw the perfect balance of awesome and suck at me, creating one of the strangest years to date.  Everything from massive celebrity deaths, historic hangovers, and all things in between have taken a once confident warrior and turned him into a second-guessing machine.  Change seems to be the cause of all these problems.  It’s foul odor has been hanging in the air like a predator timing it’s next kill.  Only a few things have managed to help maintain my sanity, and DEXTER was one of them.  Too bad for me, Season 4 just ended.

Before I say what needs to be said about last night’s finale, it is imperative to enact a MAJOR SPOILER ALERT.  Should you be one who hasn’t seen this episode yet, or happen to have just kick started this season off, I strongly suggest that you STOP READING NOW!! Many important things will be discussed and I will sure as shit NOT be the one held responsible for ruining your DEXTER experience.  With that being said, let’s get down to it.

Season 4 has been as unexpected as this year has been for me.  Not only were we introduced to Trinity (Dexter’s greatest rival to date), but we were privy to spectacular writing, beautiful cinematography, as well as 12 episodes that were constantly out-doing one another as the weeks went on.

Piecing everything together in my head is proving to be about as difficult as working on a jigsaw puzzle after a sugar high 2 year old ransacked the box.  But being the professional that I am, I still remember the key points.  Let’s start with Deb.

Still nonplussed after learning of Harry’s not to professional relationships with his hooker C.I.’s, Deb delved deeper into learning more about daddy do-no-wrong.  What she found had us rocketing back to season 1, when The Ice Truck Killer kidnapped her.  One of the C.I.’s brought her to the house where Dexter spent his infant years, and where she was held hostage by Brian.  Talk about a mind fuck, huh?

Her love life took a wild turn once Special Agent Lundy came back to town.  Now retired, he returned to Miami hot on the trail of Trinity (a serial killer who has been ritualistically slaying people for 30 years).  Deb began taking an interest in Lundy’s “Trinity Killer”, working her bony ass to dust trying to help figure out who this killer might be.  Old sparks were rekindled, the horizontal police polka ensued, and Deb destroyed her relationship with Anton.  Almost immediately after, the two of them were gunned down in the parking lot.  Apparently Lundy got a little too close to catching Trinity.

Dexter had much more on his plate to deal with.  Now a newly married man, and proud father of little Harrison, Dexter needed to find new ways to juggle work, family, AND his Dark Passenger.  But how does a serial killer pull off something so “normal”?  Answers for Dex came in the form of Arthur (aka Trinity).  School teacher, loving dad, and deacon, he somehow managed to find that perfect balance of maintaining a family while satisfying his inner monster.  Dexter decided to learn everything he could from this guy, straying from Harry’s Code in the process.

Like every other time Dexter has done this, his lack of devotion to “the code” bit him in the ass.  Trinity was not the ideal role model for a killer so family oriented.  After expertly gaining Arthur’s trust as “Kyle Butler:  mess of a man in need of help “, Dex discovered that this man of god had his wife and kids terrified of him.  I don’t see why.  All he did was physically and mentally abuse them.  From that  point on, a cat and mouse type of game ensued between Dexter and Trinity, much like what happens between super heroes and villains in comic books.  It was a seesaw battle of epic proportions that ended in explosionary fashion.

With Dexter finally capturing Trinity (the trophy of all trophies), performing his own little ritual of death, he headed back home to gather some things so he could meet Rita and the kids.  When he tried to call Rita’s cell, her phone rang from inside the house.  He had sent them away earlier that day for their own safety, and with the purpose of getting rid of Trinity once and for all.  Well, Trinity had one last surprise for Dexter.  As soon as her phone started to ring, the cries of baby Harrison started echoing throughout the house.  Dexter ran to the sound of his crying son to find his worst nightmare had come to life.  Harrison was sitting in a pool of blood, screaming, while the lifeless naked body of Rita was resting in an overflowing bathtub.

There are countless plot points that have been left out of this summary, and with good reason.  Everything became a memory clusterfuck the second I saw Rita in that tub, so you’ll have to excuse my lack of story telling.  I just don’t have the energy right now.

In the time that I have been watching DEXTER, I’ve seen some super shocking stuff.  Never in my life did I expect this show (or ANY show for that matter) to end on such a horrific downer.  Jaws dropped, hands covered mouths, and the eyes of all in attendance ruptured from their sockets.  You could hear the tears hitting denim.

12 hours later.  The bottomless pit that swirled into existence where my stomach once was is still there.  There isn’t enough ice cream, snacks, or junk food in the world to fill that emptiness.  Rita, you and your boobs will be greatly missed.  I need a nap….and maybe a candy bar.


One Response to Born In Blood: Season 4 DEXTER Sum-Up

  1. Clicious says:

    Empty pit indeed! I had to do a quick flip to the latest installment of the Venture Brothers to scrub my brain from what I had just experienced. Where will they go in Season 5? Great cliff hanger!

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