Thursday Throwbacks: 12/10/09

Time travel.  The one subject that tickles my taint more than mythology.  Every time I watch a film/show where people (or a person) tear the fabric of space a new one, my mind becomes a whirling dervish of zany ideas.  Like pantsing Abe Lincoln right before he’s shot, or (in my case) going back to California in the hay-day of metal so you can hit up every good show that has ever happened.  The possibilities are endless!

There is one particular television show from the late ’80s, that brings us on an adventure of a lifetime.  Futuristic space dudes known as the Valorians, use a fancy time travel device known as a “Space Time Energy Projector” to escape from the evil Rulon forces.  Much to their dismay, the Valorians crash land on prehistoric Earth, bringing the Rulons with them (damn tractor beams).

Lord Krulos (leader of the Rulons) decides that the only way to get his group of monstrous marauders back home is to steal the Energy Projector, slaughtering the Valorians in the process.  What better way to smite your enemies in record time than by rigging a T-Rex with technology, fitting it with fire power, then brainwashing the beast and his buddies.  Luckily, Questar (head guy in charge of the Valorians) has made nice with the local herbivores, telepathically of course.  Now it’s just a question of witch group of DINO RIDERS will win.

The Adventure Begins

Revenge of the Rulons

The Rulon Stampede

The Blue Skies of Earth

Toro, Toro, Torosaurus



Tagg, You’re It!


To Lose the Path

Enter the Commandos

Battle for the Brontosaurus

One to Lead Us

Ice Age Adventure

Along with a sweet show, Dino Riders had some kick ass toys as well (though the commercials were much cooler):

After suffering an epic squashing by a T-Rex, the soul of Valorian “Gunner” was transported into the hulking robotic form of the powered down Optimus Prime.  Lucky for Gunner that Teletran-1 took a header into a nearby volcano while trying to ditch the Decepticons, or who knows what crazy cartoon he would have ended up on.  Krulos traded in his goldfish bowl helmet for a spiked gauntlet and an idiotic detective to annoy.


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