Heavy Metal Monday: 11/30/09

There are a few people in my life that give me the stink eye when I talk metal with them.  Part of this reason, so I have learned, is due to the fact that I seriously can’t stand Power Metal.  Ever since ManOwaR exploded over in Europe, every ass-clown with a guitar and a can of product has tried to take their idea of epic music to ridiculous proportions. 

Now I’m all for dragons, sword battles, and mythical creatures.  I just strongly believe there’s a proper way to tackle that medium when trying to translate it into music, something very few bands have come to realize.  The band I’ve chosen today happens to be one of those groups who actually get it.  Not only do they write songs about mysticism and fantasy, but they’ve got some insanely talented musicians in their arsenal.  This week’s song goes out to you, Mr. Neri.  Prepare to get your mind warped, for here comes HELLOWEEN as you requested.


It may not be the heart pounding, rhythmic chugging that I’ve grown to love and respect, but it certainly gets the job done.  Kai Hansen is a rockin’ dude with a voice that could burst a butterfly from across the ocean.  Things don’t get more bad-ass than that.  \m/


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