Thanksgiving Throwbacks: The Cosby Show

As soon as your gut is full to the point of bursting, and your brain has reached sleepy mode, Thanksgiving law dictates you watch either lots of football or some sort of television program.  With today being that most glorious of eating days, why not sit down with one of America’s most beloved sitcom families:  The Cosbys.

With the Thursday of Thanks upon them, Clair is running mad trying to finish her biggest dinner ever, Denise has invited her husband Martin’s ex wife for dinner, Vanessa has a bug up her butt for being placed at the kiddie table, and Cliff is constantly being sent out into the pouring rain to gather the few remaining food items.

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea why Cliff puts up with that constant ordering around.  Maybe it’s because she’s hot.  Maybe it’s because the script demands it.  Either way, someone else should’ve gone to the store instead.  A man’s home is his castle, so send the pesants!  Happy Turkeyday everyone!


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