Thanksgiving Throwbacks: Home Improvement

Well world, we’re just a day away from mammoth mounds of mashed potatoes, a plethora of pies, and a banquet of booze.  Men of all ages are readying their belt loosening muscles, while storing massive amounts of energy to unleash during game time.  With these things in mind, I’ve decided this entry should be about men stuffs and Tim Allen is the only one who can bring it.

For this year’s gobble gorge fest, the Taylor clan is offered a luxury box at a Detroit Lions game.  One small problem, they have to share it with a TV exec and his floozy assistants.  Honestly, if there was a way for me to get a fantastic dinner (prepared by someone else) WITH slutty girls, I’d be all for it.  Let’s see how the Taylors deal with the situation:

Why can’t every sitcom have Rodney Dangerfield on it?!  Oh yeah…he’s like dead and stuff now.  Someone give me a drumstick.


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