Thanksgiving Throwbacks: ROSEANNE

There is no holiday a Viking like me enjoys more than Thanksgiving.  A wonderful time of year when families travel from all over to enjoy glasses of sweet mead, heaping mounds of stuffing, mashed potatoes draped with a mighty slice of cheese, not to mention the succulent appeal of juicy drumsticks.  It’s enough to give a eunuch a hard on.  But while us folk in the real world are enjoying the feast of a lifetime, our favorite tv families are doing the same though on a slightly more wacky level.  Something tells me Hollywood sends spies to my family’s events for script ideas.

While trying to decide what shows had fantastic turkey day themes, two gargantuan gluttons came stampeding into my mind.  From the ’91 episode of ROSEANNE, we watch as Darlene protests the entire holiday with a hunger strike, Nana Mary gets even more awesome, Dan drinks beers while dealing with his “new” little brother, and Bev drops a major holiday bomb on Jackie and Roseanne.

It just wouldn’t be the holidays without some hardcore family drama.  But you know something, Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday for depression.  There’s plenty of food you can devower to bury the pain.


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