Product Of The Week

Are you one who fancies great footwear, or are simply nostalgic as all hell?  If you are either of these, have I got the product for you.  Reebok has joined forces with World Events Productions, bringing a legendary defender roaring back to life in shoe form.

How cool would you look sauntering down the hallways of work, dawning one of 5 different  pairs of shoe-cats on your feet.  You heard me correct.  Reebok took some of their classic styles and gave them the likeness of each mechanical feline that forms Voltron:  Defender of the Universe.

Take a little gander at the Reebok Voltron V-Pack:

Each of these radical Reeboks comes in it’s on sweet box emblazoned with an image of the mighty machine, and is accompanied by the actual lion from witch the selected kicks were spawned from.

I have already begun my quest to find all 5 pairs of these amazing sneakers.  Tracking these things down has proved more dificult than previously expected.  But I vow to obtain at least one of these great gimics before I pass on to the next world.


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