Thursday Throwbacks: 11/12/09


In a world of flying cars, digital dogs, and cyber security guards, there’s bound to be a few rogue robots.  Dr. Light, that heart of gold scientist who paved the road to hell with good intentions, is in a bit of a bind.  His old high school lab partner, Dr. Wily, has stolen a few of Light’s non-union droids and reprogrammed them for destruction.  Who can protect us from a robot with scissors on his head, another that hurls Mario bombs at us, one that creates electricity balls of death, and an android version of The Hulk?  Well have no worries folks, Dr. Light has crafted us a hero.  He’s the ultimate boy in blue, with an arm cannon that can “borrow” other robot’s weapons.  They call him Mega Man.  Let’s watch some of his adventures.

The Beginning

Electric Nightmare

The Big Shake


Once again, Youtube has proven to be super lame when trying to find a rad cartoon to show you guys.  But it’s all good.  The Mega Man show only lasted 2 seasons, not bad considering it was based off of a Nintendo game.  If you feel the need to dive balls deep into Mega Man, just break out yer old NES, grab a few 12 pacs of your favorite malt liquor, then waste the day/your brain away killing robot things.


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