Heavy Metal Monday: 11/09/09


When tooling around town with your buds, the rule of thumb is to keep the windows down with a kick ass metal song blasting fucking LOUD.  Some would say that any old song will do, but they’d be wrong.  DEAD wrong.  In my 12 short years as a licensed driver, many a tune has come thundering out of my vehicle to annoy the locals.  However, there is one song in particular that stands above the rest for all time car rocking out anthems, and it is none other than Start The Fire.

Metal Church: Start The Fire

Each indavidual has there own Metal Church experience.  But you see, mine can’t be topped.  There’s no possible way to one up driving around the streets of Danvers, stereo cranked, with an asshole sitting in the passenger seat making rediculous hand/arm gestures to each line of Start The Fire.  Doesn’t sound all that exciting, I know.  You had to be there.  Still, that prick made me laugh so fucking hard I had to pull the car over for about 10 minutes from laughter and wet pants.  Friends are awesome.


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