Heavy Metal Monday: 11/02/09


It was some time between ’88 and ’89.  Lots of excitement was in the air, mostly due to the approaching futuristic 1990’s.  Defender “The Small” was performing his weekly ritual of cartoons, grandparent visitations, and movies that just arrived on WSBK-TV38.  One particular movie exploded on the screen of my grandparent’s floor model Zenith, melting my brain in the process.  It was one of Mel Brooks’ best works of the time, and still is if you ask me.  That movie was SPACEBALLS.

Just about every person in the world remembers where they were the first time they saw SPACEBALLS.  Most of the time, the memory walks hand in hand with a particular scene from the film.  For me, it was right after Princess Vespa was being chased by SPACEBALL-1.  Her father, King Roland, was just about to call Captain Lone Starr to save the princess.  That’s when the music kicked in.  Eagle V, a flying Winnebago, came cruising through space blasting a song I had never heard before.  As awesome as that was, I nearly shit my footies when John Candy’s character “BARF” was shown.  His circle dancing, furry feet, and passion for eating became goals that I new must be achieved at some point in my life.  I now bring to you the very song that laid dormant in my subconscious until my mid teens.

Bon Jovi: Raise Your Hands

By the time I was of sound mind to make musical opinions, I was shocked to find out who it was that penned that wonderful tune.  But some times you just have to forget everything you’ve learned about music, disregard your beliefs for a bit, and just have a good time.  I did just that this past Saturday night.

Night of the Living Drunks '09 022

Not only did I make John Candy proud that night, I also scored a $10 gift thing.  If you ask me, people need to put more thought into their costumes.  But much like Dark Helmet, they’ll never learn. \m/


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