Thursday Throwbacks: Halloween Edish


Around this time of the year, monsters are given a one day pass to the zany amusement park that is our realm.  To make sure these creatures of chaos don’t recognize us, we dawn fabricated malformations to blend in with the horrific horde.  But what do these life forms do throughout the rest of the year?  RBM sent a team of “volunteers” into the dark places that breed creepy crawlies (closets, under the bed, toilets and what not).  Only one returned, bringing with him information that will astound the scientific community.  Monsters, ghouls, creatures, fiends, and hellions go to school to learn new ways to scare the pants off us.

Deep below rancid heaps of trash in the city dump, Ickis, Krumm, Oblina and The Being take daily lessons from their Hogwartian Headmaster, The Gromble.  He teaches them how to terrorize tourists, horrify house wives, and to unleash the beast inside.  But most of the time, The Gromble screams at his students for lack of flair in their scare.

Beast With Four Eyes

Watch The Watch

It’s Only A Movie

Who’ll Stop The Brain?

I Heard The Snorch Call My Name

Simon’s Big Score

The Substitute

Fistful Of Toenails

Festival Of The Festering Moon

Bad Hair Day

When parading around the congested coblestones of Salem this Saturday (for those who venture to the north east every year), make sure you pay your respects to the real creatures of the night.  A year’s worth of hard studying, mid terms, and field training was taken to sink unbridled terror into your soul.  The lest you could do is buy a beast a beer.


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