Heavy Metal Monday: 10/26/09


We at RBM recognize true Halloween spirit, especially when it’s sitting spread eagle giving us a good look at it’s dangling unmentionables.  Saturday marks that happy dappy time of the year when Ya-Dudes dawn their most macho masquerades, and Super-Duper Sluts strip down to skimpy under garments, only to give you the stink eye when you are spotted drooling over their heaving humps.  To make All Hallow’s Eve ’09 one for the record books, us boys at RBM have decided to gunt punch you soldiers of the dead with some heavy ass tunes.

FASTWAY: After Midnight (from the feature film Trick or Treat)

With only a few short days left until Hades unleashes his forces from Tartarus, the people of Midgard need only remember to dust off their Trick or Treat soundtracks (preferably on vinyl), set the volume to kill, then sit back with a few cold ones.  Hideous demons are your friends.  They adore douche bags and bimbos, since they can only eat them once a year.


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