“He’s Back!”: The RBM Maniac Cop 2 Review

maniac cop 2 apartment knife

You just can’t keep a good cop down.  Even after a trial full of cover-ups, being sliced to death in a prison shower, returning from the dead to slay those who wronged him, as well as careening off a ship yard pier while driving a paddy wagon with a pole through his chest, veteran police officer/undead sentinel Matt Cordell has returned to clear his good name…by use of deadly force.

Picking up exactly where the first Maniac Cop ended, Maniac Cop 2 not only deals with the triumphant return of Matt Cordell and his horribly disfigured face.  No, sir.  This installment takes us on a wild ride of revenge, political unscrupulousness and corruption, while sprinkling an ample amount of action, suspense, and dead strippers.

It seems the politicians, judges, and crooked cops (whose dirty underhandedness Cordell stumbled onto in movie 1) were the puppet masters behind his horrific death in prison.  Their vehement refusal to believe that Cordell was actually the cop killer behind the recent string of murders, managed to secure them a #1 spot on his shit list; just as soon as he takes care of Officers Jack Forrest and Theresa Mallory (they sent him to Davey Jones’ Locker last time around).  He also sets some time aside to frame some bad guys, find a new buddy who enjoys a good strangle with his lap dances, and goes on a rampage in the police department that dwarfs Arnold Schwarzenegger’s romp in The Terminator.

maniac cop 2 7


Maniac Cop 2 holds one other wonderful quality…a star studded cast:

Robert Z’Dar, wielder of one of the biggest chins/faces in history, plays the half-mad/half insane maniac Matt Cordell.


Bruce Campbell and Laurene Landon return, coping with the mental stress of battling a 6’3″ undead chin.


Robert Davi left the Fratelli Family and became a brash, take-no-shit, detective.


After her career as a trainer for alien fighters in ARENA, Claudia Christian left outer space to climb inside the heads of cops with emotional problems as station shrink Susan Riley.  She then went on to great fame in A Gnome Named Norm (Robert Z’Dar pops in for a little hello in that one) and Babylon 5.


Scared into an early retirement by John J. Rambo, Marshall Murdock (a.k.a. actor Charles Napier) started his very own America’s Most Wanted type show.


Maniac Cop 2 has proven to be another amazing movie that has been swallowed by Father Time.  Gems such as these must be preserved so that our children, and our children’s children, will have something to watch on many Thirsty Thursdays to come.


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