“The Crazies” Or “Another Artistic Middle Finger At The Works Of George Romero”

I would like to thank the makers of this film for dumping the equivalent of explosive diarrhea straight into my eyes.  Not only does this trailer make a monolithic mockery of Romero’s original film The Crazies, but it also felt the need to squeeze out another foul smelling nugget, time in song form.  Mad World set the tone for the ’02 pseudo sci-fi flick Donnie Darko.  That’s where it was born, and that’s where it should remain.  I don’t need some pretentious film school grad turning a classic horror/thriller movie into something sappy and artistic.  This does NOT bode well.


2 Responses to “The Crazies” Or “Another Artistic Middle Finger At The Works Of George Romero”

  1. TravieYak says:

    Granted, Tears for Fears did do the song first. Though as for the film, I agree, a remake to “The Crazies” is not warranted; especially if it’s going to look like this.

  2. levizilla says:

    I am also a Romero fan but I think the trailer looks great. Additionally I think a remake is completely justified. I’d rather a film gets remade and given a second appreciation from a new audience than forgotten completely. I’m not sure you mean by a mockery exactly, the basic elements all still seem to be there: small town, viral outbreak, aggressive (not necessarily incompetent) military, and gore, all the pieces are there.

    As for the music, I suppose that comes down to personal preference. The Last House on the Left Remake did a similar thing with its trailer where they put an acoustic version of Sweet Child O Mine behind some very aggressive imagery. The calm music contrasted the images and as a result made them way more engaging. I’d be far more disappointed if they used typical action music. As for the sappy and artistic thing, I find the best narratives are emotionally moving, especially in horror. This is one of the things I loved about the original Crazies and one of the things I love about Romero’s film making.

    If it helps though, think of it like Zach Snyder’s remake of Dawn. Not a replacement for the original, but an amped up remake. The trailer made the film look far more exciting and action packed than the original. If it fails on an intellectual level, at the very least it looks like a great popcorn movie.

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