Pour One Out For: Captain Lou Albano 7/29/1933 – 10/14/2009


Loud, animated, a sharp dresser, and a habit of wearing rubber bands on his face.  These were just a few great qualities that made up the managerial madness that was Captain Lou Albano.  A boisterous little fuzzball, Captain Lou lead 15 different tag-teams and 4 solo competitors to golden belt glory.  Children and tweens of the 1980’s will remember The Captain best from his appearances in a slew of Cyndi Lauper videos.  Yup, that was him scolding her for throwing a party in her bed room.  Didn’t he realize that girls just wanna have fun?

Captain Lou had many an acting gig in his lifetime, with bit parts in tv/movies like Stay Tuned, Body Slam, 227, Miami Vice, and Hey Dude to name a few.  But the show that best suited his outrageous antics was The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.  Albano portrayed the live action version of America’s favorite portly plumber Mario Mario, doing a fantastic job I must say.  I didn’t even know it was him until I was balls deep in my late teens.  You win again Albano!

Here are some clips of The Captain doing what he did best:

After many years of wrestling, managing, Mario-ing and being bombastically brash, Louis Vincent Albano passed away after spending a few days in hospice care.  So the world never forgets his over-the-top shenanigans, RBM would like you all to spend what’s left of your day paying homage to this great man in any way you deem fit.  Just remember to do the Mario!


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