Heavy Metal Monday: 10/12/09


As history has shown us, you don’t have to be clean, sport big hair, be a dude trying to look like a chick, or have a beard that could be used as a belt to be in a metal band.  Sure these are great qualities, but sometimes adding a little grime and grossness (or in this band’s case, a lot) to your stage show is encouraged, even glorified.  The punk/grunge group L7 is by no means metal, although they do have their moments.

L7: Shit List

While L7 is no longer together (that I’m aware of), they have left their crimson stain on pages of the tome of music.  But why should I waste my words explaining the antics of a band that I hardly enjoy, when it’s so much easier to have Dee Snider do it for me?

That’s quite awesome…in a horribly disgusting sort of way.

One Response to Heavy Metal Monday: 10/12/09

  1. Dean KandiKid says:

    Hey there L7

    I love your music-best girly music me and my girlfriend have ever heard…Call us at 613 484 9990 if you’re ever in Canada…We’re from Kingston Ontario…If you’re ever in the Toronto area let us know and we can put you girls up and/or get you cheap good dope!

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