Thursday Throwbacks: 10/01/09


Some times some crimes go slipping through the cracks.  But these two gumshoes are picking up the slack.  There’s no case too big, there’s no case too small, when you need help just call…furry woodland creatures dressed in people clothes.

To make up for my epic failure to post a toon last week, I’ve decided on one that should make us all the best of friends again.  If this doesn’t bring us closer together, or at least make us all feel like kids again, then you guys are all a bunch of meanies.

Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers began its pint-sized period in time on March 5th 1989.  With an Australian cheese fiend, a female pilot/fix-it mouse, and a friendly housefly in their arsenal, Chip and Dale decided to end their lives of rabble rousing to solve crimes in the animal kingdom.  They usually tangled with Fat Cat (an overweight cat) and Professor Norton Nimnul (a crazy mad scientist with chicken legs).

Piratsy Under the Seas

Catteries Not Included

Dale Beside Himself

FLASH The Wonder Dog

Out To Launch

After 65 episodes of busting bad beasts, Chip had enough of Dale’s stupidity and went on to become a male escort.  Dale, distraught from his breakup with Chip, turned to the bottle and opened nature’s first “animal only” tavern.

In a continuing effort to prove herself in a male dominated world, Gadget traded in her wrench and jumpsuit for high heels and glitter.  She is now the highest paid mouse stripper in recorded history.

Monterey Jack suffered a stroke after a massive cheese overdose.  He is now 15 years sober and runs his own rehab clinic for cheese addicts.

Zipper dissapeared without a trace.  Some believe he joined forces with Fat Cat only to be eaten by Wart (one of Fat Cat’s cronies).  These truly are dark times that we live in.


One Response to Thursday Throwbacks: 10/01/09

  1. Anonymous says:

    It also goes down as one of my favorite NES games.

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