Heavy Metal Monday: 9/28/09


Heavy metal bands take no shit, rock hard, and are very intimidating….most of the time.  Back in the ’80s, record companies got massive big-hair boners for the bands in L.A.  Any ass clown that could play 3 chords, had long hair, or booked a gig at The Rainbow/Whiskey had a shot at making it big.  How very lame.  Because of this L.A. explosion, we had to suffer through many shitty bands, as well as the classic formula of “hit/ballad/hit”.

It is now almost 30 years later and safe to laugh at most of those bands.  Today we are going to laugh at DOKKEN. Sure, they rocked in Nightmare On Elm Street 3, fighting off Freddy with a great song.  However, we’re going to be taking a look at one of their greatest achievements is hilarity.

DOKKEN: Breaking the Chains

I so didn’t need to see Don Dokken’s underpants and hairless legs.  If I wanted to see a dude look like that, I’d watch Zapp Brannigan be Zapp Brannigan.  God…what a rediculous video.  Oh well.  What’s done is done.  See you next week and Happy Birthday to ex-DOKKEN guitarist Geroge Lynch.  You leaving that band has been a birthday gift to us all.


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