Daunting Daddy DEXTER Returns


After several months of superbly shitty television, the sires at SHOWTIME have brought back our dear deadly friend, DEXTER.  I can not tell you how long I have been awaiting this day, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

For those out there who don’t know about who DEXTER is, what he’s about, or how fucking dope he is, just use your preferred point and click method to make that final “must have” purchase on AMAZON.  You obviously live in a different world, and just plain suck.  For those who actually HAVE a brain, let’s skip the office water-cooler chit-chat and discuss tonight’s episode right now.

The best way to get this done is to break down what happened for each character.  Dexter was super awesome, as always.  How he manages to juggle the madness of a “happy” family, his dark passenger, as well as the debut of a Hall of Fame worthy serial killer is beyond me.  But considering how this is only the first episode of a new season, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time for a crap load of shit blows up in his face.

Quinn, the newish tough-guy cop, has it in for ole Dex after some court room confusion over a blood spatter report.  He needs to get back to bird-dogging chicks and banging beaver (I smell more story involving Quinn).  So a killer was set free because of Dex’s sleep deprivation.  dexter_serieThings have a way of working themselves out…which they did, of course.  Dexter’s like a Mountie, he always gets his bad guy.

A stupid love triangle is in the works involving Deb, Anton (the C.I./skinner victim from season 3), and Special Agent Frank Lundy (the dude in charge of the Bay Harbor Butcher case/ex banger of Deb in season 2).  Lundy has returned, presumably retired, yet is hunting down the one killer that slipped through his wrinkled old-man fingers.  Enter John Lithgow.

It’s great to see this dude as a villain.  Creepy is a good word, but not the correct one to describe his character.  So far we have seen him slowly strangle a woman (while he was naked), hop in the bath tub with her to continue the choking, cut her inner thigh, then continue the suffocation while watching her expression with a hand mirror.  Much later, he was showering in some locker room, all showers on full blast, as he wept.  His mode of kill is by acing ladies in threes.  To each his own, I guess.  I SO could have done without seeing his naked pasty ass, but I should probably get use to it.

As the show closed, Dexter passed out while driving back from the pharmacy (baby Harrison has an ear infection).  Too bad the dude from the court room (his latest kill who was neatly tucked away in trash bags) was also in the car.  Dex got in a crazy car accident.  I wonder how the cops will react when they show up to save him and find a cut up boxer as well?  Guess I’ll have to wait a week to find out.


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