Heavy Metal Monday: 9/21/09


Throughout most of this weekend, I’ve been listening to a highly underrated band.  Many people shun these guys, but they’ve managed to pump out quite a few superbly rock’n tunes during their roller coaster career.  Isn’t that all that matters, anyway?  I’ve noticed many bands out there today that have only one hit, if even that many.  They don’t even deserve the 5 seconds of fame they get that seems to last for 5 years.  Armored Saint has been popping in and out of the spot light since the mid ’80s, with numerous band break-ups and the death of guitarist Dave Prichard (leukemia).  Talk about perseverance.

Armored Saint: Reign of Fire

From what I know about the band, they formed while still in high school and came up with the name one night while watching Excalibur in a theater.  That’s just bad ass.  More bands need stories like that.


2 Responses to Heavy Metal Monday: 9/21/09

  1. Yur Cuz Bri says:

    i like john bush way better in this band than anthrax

  2. defender669 says:

    same here.

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