Pour One Out For: Henry Gibson 9/21/1935 – 9/14/2009


Cancer claims another one this year.  Veteran actor Henry Gibson has joined the ranks of the many casualties of ’09, but will not be forgotten.  Variety has the skinny:

“Henry Gibson, whose gentle poet persona on 1960s classic TV show “Laugh-In” made him one of the original flower children, died Monday in Malibu after a brief battle with cancer. He was 73.”

For those who may not know who Henry Gibson is, I’ve taken some time to comprise a list of films/television shows that I recommend in which he played some awesome characters.  Laugh-In, Charlotte’s Webb (as Wilbur), The Last Remake of Beau Geste, The Blues Brothers, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Monster in the Closet, Wonder Woman, Galaxy High School, Innerspace, The ‘Burbs, Gremlins 2:  The New Batch, Eerie Indiana, Bio-Dome, and many others.

To make things easier for the people who work better with moving pictures, watch the following videos to find out just who Henry Gibson is.

Go with the gods Henry.  You will be missed.


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  1. […] of the voice talent includes Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson), Howard Morris (Cow and Chicken), and Henry Gibson (Laugh-In, The ‘Burbs, The Blues Brothers), with character designs from John Kricfalusi of […]

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