Pour One Out For: Patrick Swayze 8/11/1952 – 9/14/2009


This year continues to claim the lives of celebrities at a ferocious pace.  Even though we all saw this one coming, it doesn’t mean that this sucks any less.  Sure Patrick Swayze hasn’t been in very many films these days, but when one has Stage IV pancreatic cancer you tend to take it easy.

Having been in such fantastic films as The Outsiders, Red Dawn, Dirty Dancing, Road House, Ghost, Point Break, and Donnie Darko, Swayze should be remembered for the ladies man he was.  Seeing what his disease turned him into is quite depressing.  He looked like the creature in Cocoon after the pool was drained of energy.



Poor bastard.

Over the next few days, or even weeks depending on how many Swayze Psychos there are, there’s bound to be many memorials, tributes, as well as homages to this one time embodiment of Adonis.  But I seriously doubt any will top this one:


Here are a few videos capturing Swayze’s work:

You all might remember Swayze’s stint as a Chippendales Dancer (heads up, the quality sux):

We will all miss the glory that was Patrick Swayze.  He is one with The Force now; a feat few have acomplished.  Spend this Tuesday honoring Swayze.  I’m starting with a viewing of Road House….if I can find the damn DVD, that is. \m/


2 Responses to Pour One Out For: Patrick Swayze 8/11/1952 – 9/14/2009

  1. tasha says:

    he should have not died

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