Ford To Take Another Go As “Dr. Jones”?


3 out of 4 is nothing to sneeze at when you’re Indiana Jones.  Sure, his latest encounter with space aliens and Shia Labeouf was an epic mess.  But you can’t deny the sheer amazingness of his first few adventures.  If you ask me, I think we deserve an apology for The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  We might just get one.  Yahoo has announced some rather intriguing information:

“Harrison Ford might have four “Indiana Jones” movies under his belt and is almost approaching age 70, but the actor says he would be ready to crack the iconic archaeologist’s whip again and sport the trademark fedora in another sequel.

“‘The story for the new ‘Indiana Jones‘ is in the process of taking form,” Harrison told France’s Le Figaro, as reported by People.

“The 67-year-old actor reportedly told the mag that another movie all depends on the script.  “Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and myself are agreed on what the fifth adventure will concern, and George is actively at work,” he said. “If the script is good, I’ll be very happy to put the costume on again.”

Considering the way movies work these days, we will probably only get a stupid ass cameo of the whip wielding wonder, and the rest of the film will be full of Labeouf bullshit.  Will somebody please do me a favor and sick Jack on that fuck?


One Response to Ford To Take Another Go As “Dr. Jones”?

  1. Justin says:

    It feels like all these new sequels have been doing is “passing the torch” in some way or another. KotCS did it, Live Free or Die Hard did it, and I don’t doubt Ghostbusters 3 will also do it. Let’s be thankful they’re not doing a Back to the Future 4, since it would also have to be done as I’m sure Michael J. Fox would likely only be able to do a minor part I’m sure… plus, where do you really go after the ending in 3?

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