Stuff That Happened At The VMAs


There is only so much one can do with an injured leg on a Sunday night, between the hours of 8 and 10 anyways.  Since MTV was airing their annual Video Music Awards (an event that continues to suck as time marches on), I decided to watch for a bit.

The show started off with a mighty tribute to Michael Jackson.  All that mattered was watching lots of people do the Thriller and Smooth Criminal dances, but Janet Jackson singing her part in Scream was a plus.

Kanye West proved just how much of a royal douche he is, yet again.  Right as the beautiful Taylor Swift was starting her victory speech for winning Best Female Video, Fuck-head West took to the stage, yoinked the mic from the Lady Swift, and said that Beyonce deserved it instead.  What a cock-knocker.



Lady Gaga was amazing.  Dawning various ridiculous outfits, as to be expected, she gave a performance that tip-toed on the edge of Black Metal.  Here’s some of her wonderful wardrobe choices:







Pink did a little high risk stuffs, flying high on the trapeze.


At the end of the night, Beyonce gave Taylor Swift the time to deliver the speech that Kanye denied her, after some super hugs.  Gentlemen..ready boners.



An extended trailer for New Moon was shown.  Needless to say heads exploded from the piercing screams of tween and teen girls.

newmoon_taylor_lautner_ kristen_stewart_robert_pattinson_pg50936

I can’t find a picture of it, but when Britney Spears gave her video delivered thanks for her winning something, Ed Alonzo (Max from The Max on Saved By The Bell) was one of the many people in her posse.  That was super fucking weird.

Now that all of this madness is behind us, the only thing left to do is value what time we have left.  Another MTV award show is right around the corner, just waiting to suck our souls through our eyes.  I will leave you with two words to make your day be extra special:  Megan Fox



2 Responses to Stuff That Happened At The VMAs

  1. Is that scat on Lady Gaga’s stomach?

  2. defender669 says:

    blood. it was quite amazing.

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