Heavy Metal Monday: 9/14/09


Many may have noticed a complete lack of postage on my part.  For this, I apologize.  But when the time comes to party hard, while listening to killer tunes, I simply can not pass it up.  Such things happened this week end, and I am more than paying the price for my professional rocking style. 

During a Moby Dick show at Bankok Paradise in Salem MA, I took about a half dozen falls, landing face first on the sound board in the process.  I have been told that quite a few ladies were caught up in my hurricane of drunken dumbness in the process.  Gravity is a harsh mistress.  One injured knee, and a severely bruised eye lid later, I decided to fight through my pain to bring a song of happiness and good times; a song that only early 80’s “Athletic Metal” band RAVEN can produce.

RAVEN: On And On

If my leg wasn’t encased in steel bars and velcro, I’d be rocking just as hard as I did this past Friday.  But since knees are a major part in walking, I won’t be doing such a thing….at least not until next weekend.  \m/


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