Defender Or “DEFENDOR”? Who Is Mightier?


Many moons ago, I posted some information regarding a little movie called DEFENDOR.  In said post, it is mentioned that this film is basically about me.  Welp, the time has come for you to see for yourselves.  A trailer for DEFENDOR has been made to prove that witch is already known….I kick ass.

To get prepared for his roll, Woody Harrelson shadowed me on my nightly patrols.  I schooled him in such finely crafted skills as Zippy Retorts, Being Mighty, and 10 Things To Ponder Over During An Enemy’s Monologue.  Woddy must of had melted crayons in his ears, cuz he does none of those things in this trailer.

OK, so maybe it’s not exactly my life story.  There are only a few differences, however:

1:  I look NOTHING like Woody Harrelson.

2:  My costume doesn’t comprise of Duct Tape and a helmet with flashlights glued to it.

3:  You can find me partying with Strippers, NOT HOOKERS! (hookers are icky)

4:  Anybody who has met me in battle knows that I use Lemon Juice, not Lime.

I do hope that DEFENDOR gets with the program and realizes one thing….THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!

Victory goes to Defender.  The crowd goes wild.


4 Responses to Defender Or “DEFENDOR”? Who Is Mightier?

  1. Justin says:

    Was there ever really any doubt?

  2. You guys seem primed for a Marvel Team-Up. Who the fuck could stop the both of you combined?

  3. defender669 says:

    Only Apocalypse.

  4. As an aside, and I don’t know where else to say this, the Six banner is fucking tight.

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