Heavy Metal Monday: 9/7/09 Labor Day Edish.

Ravage CD Release Party 9 6 09 149

Most people stay in on Sunday nights lazying it up, spending time with the family, while soaking up what little free time they have left before heading back to work.  I, on the other hand, spent my Sunday rocking.  Local metal band RAVAGE (who recently got signed to Metal Blade Records) held a raging party at Ralph’s Diner, in Worcester MA, to celebrate the release of their debut album The End of Tomorrow.  Needless to say, the boys from RAVAGE kicked my ass straight through my body, and right out my mouth. 

In honor of RAVAGE‘s recent success, RBM would like to dub Labor Day ’09 “RAVAGE DAY“.  Fire up the grill, crack open some very cheap beers, and blast The End of Tomorrow until you’re nuts fall off.

Nightcrawler (Judas Priest cover)

Freedom Fighter

Many other bands took the stage at Ralph’s last night.  But due to some major alcohol consumption, I can’t remember them all.  When, and if, I do manage to recall the events that unfolded last night, you can be sure as shit that a review will be posted.  Until such time, zip over to myspace and check out RAVAGE.  Afterward, go to your local record store and buy The End of Tomorrow.  Stay Hard! \m/


5 Responses to Heavy Metal Monday: 9/7/09 Labor Day Edish.

  1. Hell yeah, Ravage! As a dude from Wakefield, it’s always great to see someone pimping them. I don’t know how many of their shows I’ve caught.

  2. defender669 says:

    I hail from Danvers, brother, and I’ve partied with those dudes a few times. Super awesome guys.

  3. Seriously, dude. Can’t help be wish them the best. I honestly had no idea this was coming out, I have to buy it on principal alone.

  4. defender669 says:

    who ever mixed it deserves a Crunch-Wrap Supreme from Taco Bell. they blew my face off.

  5. I can’t describe how rad I find it that you know a Crunch-Wrap Supreme is about the best reward in this universe.

    I couldn’t agree more.

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