Heavy Metal Monday: 8/31/09


Having a crazy sense of humor is crucial when living the lifestyle of a metal head.  It doesn’t just make life more enjoyable…oh no.  The ability to laugh at super stupid things is one of the greatest ways to show uptight people how much better than them you are.  It’s a scientific fact.  Jokes about poop, farts, words that sound like they are naughty parts, nose picking, burps, and even the fastly irritating “That’s What She Said” are all great topics to place a room full of immature adults on the verge of filling their spiked boots with warm lemonade.  Green Jelly (formerly named Green Jello.  EFF YOU Kraft Foods) is a band with the greatest taste in toilet humor the metal community has ever known.  See for yourself.

Green Jelly: The Misadventures of Shitman

Other stupendous songs in their comedic catologue include a metal tribute to 3 Little Pigs that you might know, Anarchy In Bedrock, Cereal Killer, Slave Boy, Electric Harley House (Of Love), Bear Song, Trippin’ On XTC, and Obey The Cow God , just to name a few.  With a very over the top style much like GWAR, Green Jelly unofficially split up in ’95 and reunited last year.  These dudes even got nominated for one of them thar Grammy things.  That’s too cool for the school.

I leave you now with a few words that will pop into your head, making you bust out laughing at the most inapropriate time.  Testicles.  Boobies.  Butts.  And lastly…Poo Poo.  Have a great day.  \m/


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