February Breeds Furious Furballs

When I first found out about this new take on The Wolfman, I was so mad that I could actually see the steam tea-kettling it’s way out of my skull.  Remakes have been the bane of my existence and continue to fester in my system, much like a Bot Fly larvae.  They irritate the skin, cause red painful welts, feast upon the flesh from the inside out, and require suffocation to be expelled from the host.  But when I think about The Wolfman getting millenniumized, I watch the trailer and my train of thought seems to start listing lazily to the left.  It appears this remake is heading  in the proper direction. 

Very few of these poor imitations have lived up to the glory of the archetypes they spawned from.  I could name at least a few that caught me off guard, but that would only remind me of the fury that overtook me when I realized I liked them.  Maybe The Wolfman can rise above the putrid pile of pusillanimous poppycock, becoming another corrected classic to earn my aproval.  Looks like we’ll have to wait until February to find out.

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