Heavy Metal Monday: 8/24/09


Metal bands of the 1980’s lived their lives to the fullest.  Everything was done bigger and better.  One particular man of that time period came up with an idea so big that it took almost every band around to pull it off.  That man’s name is Ronnie James Dio.  His dream was to gather all musicians of the metal genre in an effort to raise money for famine relief in Africa.  Hear ‘N Aid was the end result, and the band consisted of 40 artist ready to shred, scream, and head-bang.  Too bad the song they created made them sound like they were just singing about how great they thought they were.

Hear ‘N Aid: Stars

Being made in the same spirit of We Are The World and Do They Know It’s Christmas, Stars went on to raise about $1million for their cause.  They could’ve made more if Yngwie Malmsteen wasn’t involved.  Anybody who doesn’t like doughnuts is a fucking asshole.  \m/


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