Product Of The Week


Have a passion for table-top RPGs?  Wish there was a way to roll a few crits without the tedious task of die-bag delving?  Have FAR too much time on your hands?  A new do-it-yourself-kit has been created for Dungeons & Dragons fanatics, giving them the opportunity to make a nifty hand-bag in the shape of a D20.  Sweet Scotch-taped Specticles, Batman!

The sorcerers at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have decided that the world is now ready for an icosahedron, hand-bag style.  Their site gives a step, by tedious step, walk-through on how to build your very own D20 bag.  I don’t have the patience, nor the stamina, to vomit instructions at you all.  So to make things easier, take a look for yourself on how to build the thing.  There is one thing that I can do, however.  Here are just a few of the steps that are involved in the bag’s construction:






Like I said…tedious.  But if all of the steps are followed correctly, you should be the envy of your High School Class well before the lunch bell tolls.

EMSL also offers a how-to for a D12 bag.  However, unless you are a Barbarian, Paladin, or Avenger the odds of you needing the use of a D12 are rather slim.  Besides, there is no greater feeling in the whole world than getting that much needed crittical hit, except maybe the company of a sexy lady.  But if you decide to walk around with a bag that’s shaped like a D20, the only sexy ladies you’ll get will be nerd girls.  I think it’s time for me to bust out my sewing machine.


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