Heavy Metal Monday: 8/17/09

spawn iced earth

Concept albums are tricky, risky, and totally awesome when done correctly.  Many bands try to pump out at least one, but 99% of the time they end up with a product that isn’t worth a fanny tidying.  Luckily for you all, I have chosen a band that has mastered the art of concept album creation.  Their anthology is riddled with many different stories that keep the listener enthralled in the music, while rupturing his/her circulatory system simultaneously.  Let’s have a listen, shall we.

Iced Earth: Violate

With such great titles as The Dark Saga, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Burnt Offerings and Horror Show, it’s easy to see that these dudes don’t fuck around (at least they don’t when singer Matt Barlow is with them.  I’m not a “Ripper” fan, at all).

Few bands that have gone the way of an epic story-based CD ever manage to bank on it.  They stray from the musical formula that made them successful, pour a ton of cash into “a great idea”, then act as if they can do no wrong.  Little do they know, us fans are the true critics.  WE buy the shit, WE listen to the shit, so WE have the right to profess our hatred of the shit to the world.  The one band that deserves a “YOU FUCKED UP!” award is ManOwaR.  I might have an aneurysm if I rant about what they did to get me so mad, so it would be in your best interest to check it out for yourselves.

May your day be filled of dramatic vocals, wailing guitar riffs, and powder-kegs of fantasticness.


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