Heavy Metal Monday: 8/10/09


“Lying in my bed…with a swollen head…what did I do?  I regret the morning after!

With the lingering fumes of mixed drinks still seeping out from my pores, I couldn’t think of any other band but TANKARD to help describe the weekend I had.  Just about every song in their alcoholic arsenal has booze for subject matter, and I’m willing to believe that they practice what they preach. 

Seeing as how I am feeling about as good as the dude on their “The Morning After” album, I’m just gonna let you all enjoy some drunken antics while I rest my hazy head.  After all, the party starts all over again in just 3 short days!

Tankard: The Morning After

Maintaining a drinking regimine takes lots of dedication, stamina, and a parent who is willing to lend a few bucks here and there when you run short on the green stuffs.  I’d like to think that I was once as mighty as TANKARD in the battle with the bottle.  But that would be like saying that I could kick the pants off David Ortiz in a home-run derby.

4 Responses to Heavy Metal Monday: 8/10/09

  1. movingscene says:

    haven´t thought for YEARS about Tankard. great band dude…and what a stunning cover. i love those eighties airbrush heavy metal cover.

  2. defender669 says:

    Who doesn’t! They kick fuckin’ ass, bro!

  3. movingscene says:

    do you know the german band “tankwart” they´re related to tankard. they cover popular german songs in a metal version. we have a couple of bands here which do this. like “onkel tom”, the solo project of the singer of sodom tom angelripper. pretty funny if you know the original songs. watch his videos from the wacken open air.
    that´s tankwart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2lDMpz1U8w

  4. defender669 says:

    I totally shall bro. Requests for Heavy Metal Monday are encouraged.

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