“Good News, Everyone!” Voice Tallents For Futurama Return!!


Way back in mid July, RBM informed you of a horrific possibility that was underway.  It was said that most of the main voice talent for the funtastic show Futurama would not be returning for a new season.  Needless to say that news of such devastation caused an uproar at RBM.  Worry no more Futurama fans!  The people over at EW.com have come across some information that is sure to have you partying like its 3009.

“Rejoice, Futurama fans! News arrived on Friday that the voice cast of the beloved series will be returning after all. Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, Maurice LaMarche, and Tress MacNeil have all signed deals with 20th Century Fox TV to provide the voices for the crew of the Planet Express Ship.”

BEND…ME.  I haven’t been this excited since The Donnas dedicated a song to me.  The thought of hearing any of those characters with different voices, turns my stomach.  Now I don’t need to invest months of my hard earned cash on Pepto Bismol.

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