Thursday Throwbacks: 8/6/09


People who have ass loads of money, during these rough economic times, make me so mad that there aren’t enough God Of War games to channel my rage.  There is one bespectacled bastard who takes the word wealthy to a disgusting level.  He doesn’t keep his coinage in stocks, bonds or Swiss bank accounts, like most booming beaus.  No SIR!  This moneyed mallard holds his earnings in a titanic safe for the world to look upon in envy.  Don’t know who I’m talking about?  One more hint.  It is rumored that this duck of the dollar dawns a swim-cap and suit, then dives head first into his gains for a little swanky swimming.  Scrooge McDuck is his name, big bucks is his game, and he’s the subject of today’s cartoon.  Let’s take a trip down McDuck Drive for a few episodes of Ducktales.

The majority of Ducktales episodes centered around Scrooge trying to find new ways to further his title as “The Richest Duck in the World”.  Joining him on these adventures, was a rather rag-tag group of geese consisting of his three nephews, a pilot who would get disappointed whenever he landed a plane instead of crashing it, an odd-ball scientist, a super hero-esque duck in a robot suit, and a baby triceratops riding cave duck.  Ensuing madness was a given.

To thwart Scrooge in his exploits, and to give balance to the force, there were a few sweet nare-do-wells on the show.  The Beagle Boys, Magica De Spell, and Flintheart Glomgold (Scrooge’s arch rival in the race to be “The Richest Duck in the World”) were just a few of the sinister scum that tried to relieve McDuck of his wealth, torment his nephews, not to mention being all around assholes.

Don’t Give Up The Ship

Wrongway in Ronguay

Three Ducks of The Condor

Cold Ducks

Too Much of a Gold Thing


Luck ‘O The Duck

Til Nephews Do Us Part

Nothing To Fear

The Duck in the Iron Mask

Ducktales ran from September 18th 1987, until November 28th 1990, spawnning many other Disney related shows such as Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers, Tale Spin, as well as Darkwing Duck.  All amazing toons that will be finding a slot in the RBM Thursday Throwback Hall Of Fame at some point in the near future.


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